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Recognized as the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics using the signature complex Cellular Active IRISA®, Swiss Perfection is at the forefront of cutting-edge skincare, producing high-end formulas for youthful skin and personalized treatments. Committed to excellence and precision, the brand’s cellular treatments combine highly effective antioxidant ingredients and advanced techniques to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.
The production of new and healthy cells are stimulated and the specific skin concerns are corrected.

ATS-1 Technology
The ATS-1 Anti-aging-trans-dermal system is a unique process that effectively corrects all signs of age in the deepest layers of the skin such as wrinkles, firmess, and hyperpigmentation.

Cellular High Tech Luxury Lifting     80 min
Insipired by anti-aging medical techniques, this five step lifting offers spectacular immediate effects. Specific and highly concentrated formulas working in symbiosis
target loss of firmness, sagging, and wrinkles. It acts as a natural lifting with long-term benefits. For the best results we recommend a course of 4 treatments.

Cellular High Tech Intensive Hydratation    80 min
This unique rejuvenating treatment targets dehydration and irregular skin texture. It leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated. The wrinkles are visibly diminished and the optimal skin hydration level is preserved.

Cellular High Tech Pigment Lightening    50 min
This specific treatment works deeply into the skin directly on the cells reponsible for hyperpigmentation. This revolutionary facial is specifically designed to rapidly lighten dark spots, leaving you with an even and bright complexion.

Perfect Purifying Anti-Pollution    50 min
This essential higly active anti-oxidant facial deeply purifies the pores while accelerating the tissue oxygenation. This treatment is the best ally for skin aging prevention."

Men Perfect Repair    50 min
A targeted facial treatment designed for specific men’s skins. It erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy appearance. This treatment is tailored to ensure optimum skin rejuvenation for men of any age.

My enhancement preference   25 min
Cellular Perfect Eye Contour
Formulated with ultra-pure collagen and packed with high-performance active ingredients, this treatment promotes cell regeneration. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out and all signs of fatigue are erased. The characteristics of a youthful gaze are restored.

Cellular Perfect Décolleté
This custom-fit treatment targets wrinkles, skin sagging as well as loss of firmness and consolidates the dermis’ cellular structure by stimulating the production of fibroblasts. The skin of the décolleté is preserved, visibly rejuvenated and firmed. Furthermore, the neckline is enhanced.

VOYA Organic Seaweed Science

VOYA Transcendant Touch Facial 75 min
The ultimate VOYA facial experience, this treatment allows guests to experience the best of both worlds. The treatment starts with a back massage to induce relaxation, pursue with a deep restoration and recondition of the skin including 20 minutes massage and followed by a dual-action facial mask.

VOYA Restorative Facial 75 min
The anti-aging restorative facial made using VOYA’s organic ingredients combined with anti-oxidant algae complexes and aromatherapy oils. This mix helps to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial results in instantly firmed and tightened skin with a natural radiant glow.

VOYA Celeste Lift Facial 50 min
Voya's finest mix of seaweed, botanical ingredients and refreshing blend of aromatherapy oils increases collagen production and improves elasticity and tone of your skin. Powerful age defying techniques are used in this unique lifting massage along with Gua Sha gemstones to give instant radiant lift and firm results.

VOYA Illuminating Summit Facial 50 min
Allow VOYA to tailor your facial specifically to your skin’s unique needs. This skin type-specific ocean-inspired organic facial is deeply detoxifying, thoroughly revitalizing, and helps to smooth skin tone and increase clarity.

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