Silvena Rowe

Silvena Rowe

No.1 Worldwide Top Biohacking Expert

Culinary Nutrigenomics Chef, Longevity and Anti-ageing Expert

Chef Silvena Rowe is the No.1 Worldwide Top Biohacking Expert and author of numerous bestselling cooking books. Ranked as one of the Top 25 Middle Eastern Women in the F&B Power List, she is a popular face on international TV, including the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and US Food Network’s Chopped, and a food columnist for The Guardian. As a world-class biohacking expert, Chef Silvena Rowe is a keynote speaker at the Biohacker Summit, the world’s largest biohacking conference.

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Silvena, what inspired you to become a culinary nutrigenomics chef and focus on longevity and anti-ageing?

My journey into becoming a culinary nutrigenomics chef was sparked by an epiphany regarding the transformative power of food. Realising that each ingredient we choose as chefs wields the ability to shape health and vitality, I was drawn towards harnessing this power for longevity and anti-ageing. This realisation was a natural progression from my early ventures into sugar-free cooking, plant-based menus and gluten avoidance. I made it my mission to create dishes that not only tantalise the taste buds but also contribute to a vibrant, healthy life span.


How do you tailor your culinary creations to support the individual health and wellness goals of the participants in the Bio Harmonising Retreat?

At the Bio Harmonising Retreat, I collaborate closely with Dr. Zeuke, a luminary in the field of longevity. Together, we devise bespoke nutritional protocols that align perfectly with the individual health and wellness aspirations of our guests. This tailored approach ensures that each participant's journey towards well-being is both personalised and impactful.


Can you discuss the importance of nutrition in promoting longevity and what key elements you focus on in your menus?

The cornerstone of my culinary philosophy is the belief that nutrition is paramount in promoting longevity. My menus are a celebration of seasonal ingredients rich in antioxidants, natural nootropics and local herbs, all designed to enhance gut health and overall vitality. In essence, the food we provide is not just sustenance but a vital source of information for the body, empowering individuals to thrive.


How does the science of nutrigenomics influence your cooking and menu planning for the retreat?

Nutrigenomics, the science of how food influences our genes, plays a pivotal role in shaping my approach to cooking and menu planning for the retreat. Nestled in one of Europe's most pristine environments, our menus are a testament to the power of organic, seasonal produce. Each dish is crafted to be light yet flavourful, with locally sourced proteins and sugar-free, vegan-friendly desserts that indulge the senses without compromising health.

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Where do you draw your culinary inspiration from, especially when crafting meals that are both healthy and delightful?

With over three decades of culinary experience, my inspiration is drawn from the endless potential of food to heal and delight. I view each meal as an opportunity to celebrate the bounty of the seasons, the richness of our surroundings, and the joy of eating well. To me, food is the ultimate medicine, and my menus at the retreat are designed to introduce guests to this holistic way of eating.


Based on your experience, what impact does diet have on an individual's overall well-being and mental health?

My experiences have taught me that diet is a cornerstone of not just physical health but mental well-being as well. By focusing on natural, organic ingredients and employing cooking techniques that minimise inflammation, we aim to support optimal brain function, sleep quality and mental health for our guests. Collaborating with a team of experts, we ensure that our culinary creations contribute to a uniquely beneficial retreat experience.


What advice would you give to aspiring chefs who want to specialise in health-focused cuisine?

To the chefs eager to explore health-focused cuisine, I emphasise the importance of understanding the health benefits of the ingredients and the power of their combinations. Whether foods that combat cancer cells, bolster the immune system or act as natural antivirals, the potential to create impactful dishes is immense. It is about wielding food as a tool for health and vitality.


Do you have a favourite dish to prepare that embodies your philosophy towards food and wellness? Could you share what it is and why it is special to you?

Among my many beloved creations, the sugar-free pistachio butter and Morello cherry tiramisu hold a special place. This dessert embodies my philosophy towards food and wellness: indulgent yet health-conscious. By omitting sugar, we reduce inflammation and guilt, creating a dessert that is as nourishing as it is delightful. It is a testament to the fact that wellness and pleasure can coexist beautifully on the plate.

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Chef Silvena Rowe, a Dubai-based celebrity chef, is regarded as one of the leading 'wellness chefs' in the Gulf region. Dedicated to healthy food, Chef Silvena Rowe explores the world of functional nutrition and longevity. As a distinguished longevity expert and global MasterChef judge, she specialises in functional nutrition and longevity, with a great passion for wholesome eating and expertise in nutrigenomics. Her menus prioritise pro-longevity and healing, meticulously crafted to nourish both body and soul by combining the modern science of anti-ageing with traditional, tried-and-tested ingredients. From antioxidant-rich superfoods to anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, every element of her menu is designed to optimise health and well-being. 

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