Retreat Highlights

Customised Wellness & Vitality
Unlock your health potential with DNA-personalised wellness plans by Dr. Zeuke. Enjoy cryotherapy, alpine massages, Swiss facials, and therapeutic air at Mauritius Springs.

Culinary Mastery for Longevity
Savour longevity-focused meals by Chef Silvena Rowe and join cooking classes.

Innovative Medical Care & Restful Sleep
Learn about longevity and disease prevention, engage in mental well-being activities.

Summer Retreat: 1 to 10 September 2024
Winter Retreat: 9 to 19 January 2025

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Unlock Your Potential

Embrace a new You at the Bio Harmonising Retreat, an award-winning journey towards rejuvenation and longevity, nestled in the serenity of the Swiss Alps. Under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Zeuke and celebrity chef Silvena Rowe, dive into a luxurious program designed just for you, blending cutting-edge science with the restorative powers of nature.

Discover the Essence of Well-being

Our award-winning Health & Wellness Longevity Retreat in St. Moritz, starting from 3 nights, focuses on nurturing active and healthy living. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive experience centered around nutrition, physical activity, sleep optimization, mental well-being, and stress management, all designed to rejuvenate your body and mind for sustained longevity.

A Sanctuary in the Swiss Alps

St. Moritz, a pristine haven for wellness and longevity, offers a rich tapestry of outdoor activities amidst exceptional air quality. Embrace the healing properties of mineral-rich Mauritius Springs, and train like a champion at the official Swiss Olympic High Altitude Training Base.

Nutrition & Wellness with Chef Silvena Rowe

Culinary Nutrigenomics Chef, Longevity & Anti-ageing Expert

Dubai-based Silvena Rowe is a celebrated wellness chef and global MasterChef judge, specialising in functional nutrition for longevity. Her innovative menus blend anti-ageing science with traditional ingredients, emphasising antioxidant-rich superfoods and anti-inflammatory herbs to nourish both body and soul. Participants will enjoy the unique experience of foraging for Alpine herbs and berries, enhancing their culinary journey. As a leading biohacking expert and author of bestselling cookbooks, Chef Rowe is a prominent figure in the culinary world, appearing on international TV and contributing to The Guardian. Her expertise makes her a sought-after speaker at global conferences, such as the Biohacker Summit.

Dive into the art of culinary nutrigenomics with Dubai-based Chef Silvena Rowe, a global authority on functional nutrition for longevity. Discover a menu infused with anti-ageing science, designed to nourish both body and soul.

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Revolutionary Medical Care & Sleep by Dr. Alexander Zeuke

General Surgeon focusing on Sleep Optimisation, Stress, Medicine and Preventive Genetics.

Dr Alexander Zeuke, a board-certified general surgeon with a Masters in Preventive Medicine and 20 years of experience, leads Medkore Preventive Medicine. He pioneers personalised health programmes targeting chronic disease prevention, backed by his book 'Sleep Timer', which explores sleep's role in wellness. Utilising genotyping, Dr Zeuke's team crafts bespoke health plans addressing over 110 genetic variations and risk assessments, tailored nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to enhance longevity. This approach integrates pharmacogenetics, detoxification, micronutrient needs, and stress management, offering a holistic strategy for health optimisation based on your unique genetic makeup.

Lead by Dr. Alexander Zeuke, explore a personalized approach to preventing chronic disease and optimizing wellness, leveraging the latest in genotyping and lifestyle modification to craft a health plan as unique as your DNA.

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Your Journey to Holistic Transformation Awaits

Experience the Bio Harmonising Retreat at Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, St. Moritz. Led by Dr. Alexander Zeuke and chef Silvena Rowe, enjoy a DNA-tailored plan for rejuvenation and longevity, blending science, nature, and luxury in the Swiss Alps.

Join us at the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski for an unparalleled retreat that marries the latest in biohacking and luxury with the timeless beauty of the Swiss Alps.