Classic Sauna World

Classic Sauna World

Various temperatures, high and low humidity – you will find your ideal temperature in one of the saunas of the Alpine Spa.

Finnish sauna, 90° - 95°C, humidity 10%
• strengthens the immune system and reduces the susceptibility to infection
• rains the cardiovascular and circulatory system
• slightly stimulates metabolism
• improves the blood flow in the mucous membranes of the respiratory system
• expands the bronchi
• increases overall performance
• trains the elasticity of blood vessels
• relaxes
• cleanses the body

Bio sauna, 70° - 75°C, humidity 30%
• good purification through high humidity
• circulation friendly
• alternating coloured light
• stimulating aroma

Herbal sauna, 70°C, humidity 40%
• good purification through high humidity
• circulation friendly
• pleasant herbal aroma

Stone sauna, 60°C, humidity 20-25%
• releases stress
• calms the nerves
• promotes well-being

Ladies Spa
The Ladies Spa is the perfect retreat for the ladies. With bio sauna, steam bath, aroma grotto and a private rest room, the spa offers plenty of room for your relaxation.
• Aroma Grotto - 40° - 45°C
• Steam bath - 42° - 45°C, humidity 80 - 100%
• Bio sauna - 70° - 75°C, humidity 30%
You may also exclusively reserve the Ladies Spa from 8 am until 1 pm (including Champagne & a fruit plate) to have a good time with your friends between sauna sessions, enjoy the romance with your partner or simply appreciate the luxury of the sauna all by yourself. Prices on request and upon availability.

Steam bath, 42° - 45°C, humidity 80-100%
• expands the blood vessels, thus ensuring a strong cutaneous perfusion
• the heat in the steam bath relaxes tense muscles
• the metabolism is stimulated
• has positive effects on many diseases of the skin, respiratory system, joints and muscles  

Laconium, 45°C
• circulation friendly
• has purifying effects
• is a type of sweat bath (recommended duration 1h)

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