Elevate your wellness journey with professional tanning services designed to safely boost your Vitamin D levels.

For the very first time, the Rubin Collagen Boosters are used in a vertical solarium. This procedure is suitable for all skin tones and will leave the most natural-looking tan. 100 powerful LEDs in the upper-body area supply the skin with the well-known benefits of collagen and an extra portion of moisture.

The exclusive formula will make your skin feel just like velvet and silk, in addition to an extra amount of vitamin D. 100 Collagen Boosters ensure a fresh kick for your face and décolleté, an increase in skin moisturizing, and a radiant complexion. This contributes to receiving an even better tanning result.

An exclusive skin transformation achieving a perfect color along with nourishing ingredients to make your skin glow.

Optima Solarium services:
Starting with 2 CHF/min (minimum 10 minutes per tanning session)

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