Treatment Rituals Slimming and Firming

Treatment Rituals Slimming and Firming

”Udvartana Cream“ Slimming Indian Ritual, ”Coffee Cream“ Slimming Brazilian Ritual, Slimming & Firming Subscription packages...

”Udvartana Cream“ Slimming Indian Ritual (50 minutes):

A thousand-year-old ayurvedic slimming treatment with a draining and anti-cellulite action on the legs, abdomen and arms, preceded by a warming wrapping to detoxify the skin and optimize the performance of ginger and Lipocare® (patented slimming active ingredient). Price: AED 500


”Coffee Cream“ Slimming Brazilian Ritual (50 minutes):

Following a Brazilian ritual, a slimming treatment with our slimming ”Coffee Cream“ which combines caffeine, well known as the most powerful slimming ingredient, and a sculpting body massage completed with a draining and toning wrap with clay. Price: AED 500


Slimming Subscription (5 sessions) : 1 initial individual assessment and 5 sessions during 50 minutes. Price: AED 2,490

Slimming & Firming Subscription (10 sessions): 1 initial individual assessment, 10 sessions during 50 minutes, 1 offered exfoliation session to boost penetration of active substances. Price: AED 4,500

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