Treatment Rituals - Face

Treatment Rituals - Face

Personalized to each skin type, our facial massage-treatments combine the efficiency of CINQ MONDES ’Dermapuncture’ or the ‘acupuncture gesture without needles’ and the performance of natural professional products (biological substances, patented active ingredients)for a youthful face and to relax the entire body.

”Bali ‘s Flowers Ritual“ Radiance Face Care-Massage (20 minutes)

An ”express radiance“ treatment combined with a massage of the face, neck and scalp according to a Bali Ritual, combining skin cleansing, well-being and beauty. Price: AED 300


”Five Flowers Ritual“ Radiance Face Care-Massage (50 minutes)

A ”purity and radiance“ treatment based on an ancestral ritual followed by Balinese princesses that combines the power of five tropical flowers (Gardenia, Hibiscus, Frangipani, Ylang-Ylang, Lotus) with a skin cleansing and massage of the nape, trapezius muscles and face to recover a complexion that sparkles with freshness. Price: AED 500


”Taoist“ Youthful and Radiance Face Care-Massage (50 minutes)

Care-Massage “to prevent the onset of wrinkles”, stimulating the most effective acupressure points according to a Chinese Ritual to relax facial lines and efface the passage of time. Price: AED 500


”Ko Bi Do“ Youthful Face Care-Massage (50 minutes)

An “anti-wrinkle” and repulping care combined with an active massage following a Japanese Ritual, “Ko Bi Do”, a genuinely natural face lift to effectively smooth lines and to tone the neck and neckline. Price: AED 500


”Ko Bi Do“ Youthful Precious Face Care-Massage (80 minutes)

A “global anti-ageing” care with a visible effect on facial wrinkles, radiance and firmness,concentrating on eye contour, lips, neckline and arms, following a genuine and natural lift thanks to the “Ko Bi Do” Japanese massage Ritual. Price: AED 700

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