Центр тенниса и сквоша

Центр тенниса и сквоша

В теннисном центре Санкт-Морица есть четыре ультрасовременных теннисных корта с полным оборудованием, прокат обуви и услуги тренера по теннису.

Центр тенниса и сквоша

Теннис и сквош на вершине мира 


There are three indoor state-of-the-art tennis courts at the Tennis Center St Moritz with full equipment, shoe hire, and tennis coaching always available.

In earlier times, tennis was even played in winter in St. Moritz - outdoors! A tennis court was shoveled free of snow and prepared for play: with the players facing each other between high banks of snow. No doubt the game had its own particular charm, but outdoor winter tennis has not yet caught on!

The Tennis Center is just a short walk from the hotel. The ‘Bross Slide Forte’ flooring - a gliding carpet coating with granules that is easy on the joints - will provide a new feel for the game. 
Tennis shoes with a light tread are recommended and shoes must be clean. Tennis shoes can be hired or purchased at the centre.


Enjoy a match on the state-of-the-art paddle court for even more fun.


Squash-Rackets, balls, and shoes can be hired at the Tennis & Squash Centre, where two courts are available for hire.

Facilities include:
3 Indoor Tennis Courts with Bross Slide Flooring (carpet)
1 Indoor Padel Court (by Adidas)
2 Indoor Squash Courts
2 Outdoor Clay Tennis Courts (summer only)
Equipment Shop
Tennis Café
Kids Outdoor Soccer Field (summer only)

Via Mezdi 33
7500 St. Moritz