A World of Wellness

A World of Wellness

Kempinski The Spa

Welcome to Kempinski The Spa Bangkok, where your wellbeing takes center stage. Our spa offerings are meticulously designed to elevate your wellness, merging Thai traditions with the power of nature and science for exceptional outcomes. At Kempinski The Spa, wellbeing is a personal journey.

Rather than a mere menu, consider us your guides on this wellness expedition. Whether you choose individual treatments or combine them, we'll curate and tailor your wellness experience to ensure you thrive and age gracefully.
Immerse yourself in one of our thoughtfully crafted Thai-inspired journeys, and let Kempinski The Spa be your sanctuary of rejuvenation.

Opening hours:

Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00

A World of Wellness

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The Radiance Journey

The Siam Journey

Thai Compress Massage