The Siam Journey

The Siam Journey

A revitalising oasis for your body and soul drawing inspiration from Thai traditions.

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with a sequence designed to cocoon you in relaxation and wellness. Begin by surrendering to the tranquil embrace of a Thai herbal bath, setting the stage for serenity. Follow this with a full-body Himalayan salt exfoliation, unveiling your skin's radiant glow. 

For a complete Siam experience, consider our warm Thai-herbal massage recommendation or choose from a curated selection of massages, each promising a unique blend of bliss. Whether it's the soothing Aroma massage, the grounding hot stone therapy, the tension-relieving deep-tissue massage or the time-honored Thai massage, let your senses guide your choice. 

Conclude this exquisite journey with a hydrating facial, a rejuvenating touch that leaves you refreshed and glowing from within. 

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