Prepare Your Stay

Prepare Your Stay

Arrive in style and allow us to extend a warm welcome to you.

Prepare your Stay

Inspired by our 125 years of luxury hospitality expertise, Kempinski White Glove Services is a comprehensive range of measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, without compromising on luxury. These guidelines have been implemented in accordance with local and national requirements. Please read on to learn more about the specific measures in place at Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates.

Arrive in Style

When arriving at a Kempinski hotel, our receptionists and iconic Ladies in Red look forward to welcoming you, and guiding you through an adjusted check-in procedure.

Private transfers: Vehicles are clean and disinfected. sanitiser wipes are provided for your convenience.

A Warm Welcome

Luggage cleaning: We offer all our guests a luggage cleaning service whereas, all suitcases are cleaned and disinfected before being delivered to rooms.
Check-in: Our hotel offers a contactless payment system through cards and smartphones.
Do Not Enter My Room: This is a new option available to all guests. Although all services remain available, our employees will not enter your room during your stay unless you request them to do so. Room service deliveries, luggage assistance and other services will take place in front of your room. Please hang a “Do Not Enter My Room” sign if you do not wish for any service or to avoid any contact from our associates.

Rooms & Amenities

Reading materials: Magazines and newspapers are available digitally through our in-room suite pads 
Cleaning: Procedures have been further enhanced to include a special cleaning and disinfection plan for all rooms, suites and chalets. All our rooms undergo a 24-hour sanitation process before another guest arrives. Our housekeepers are using the highest standard of cleaning and disinfection products for all fittings and fixtures including door handles, light buttons, remote controls and even wardrobe hangers while a professional air purifier is used to clean the air.
Laundry: All linen is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the optimum detergents in their correct dosage.

Restaurants & Bars

Hand sanitiser: Guests are kindly requested to use the sanitizer available at the reception of every restaurant before dining in.
Cleaning: Hygiene measures have further enhanced. After use, tables and chairs are disinfected and all cutlery and glassware are replaced. The cashier and point of sale terminals are regularly cleaned.
Suppliers: Procedures regarding contact with our suppliers and delivery of all produce have been revised.

Room service

In-room dining service is available 24hrs
Delivery: Procedures have been revised to respect privacy and ensure distance and hot boxes or cloches will be used at all times.
Cleaning: Service trolleys and hot boxes are disinfected after each delivery.

Wellness, Spa & Swimming Pool
In all spa areas, the cleaning and disinfection process has also been enhanced to allow you to unwind and relax while feeling safe and taken care of.


Sanitising Stations: Facilities are conveniently located around the hotel (lobby, all public restrooms, restaurants, elevators etc.) and guests are advised to use them at regular intervals.

Cleaning: Hygiene measures have been further refined to ensure that all hotel areas are frequently cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard and is monitored both internally and externally (by Diversey and the local health authorities). Particular emphasis is given to frequent touch points such as handles, handrails, lift buttons, doorknobs, etc.

Feeling Unwell: Guests who feel unwell are kindly recommended to inform us and stay in their room. In such cases our team remains available to fully support you.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected], mentioning your name and specifying your hotel selection and arrival date.