Nightlife Buzz

Nightlife Buzz

Nothing can put Beirut to sleep—not even the setting sun, relaxing tea or sleeping pills.

Exploring Beirut's Best Nightlife

According to CNN, Beirut is the third-best city in the world for nightlife. Additionally, it was ranked seventh on the list of the "100 best places on Earth for 2020."

The city, which is bustling with residents, visitors, and businesspeople, offers a breathtaking historical backdrop for daytime enjoyment as well as an exciting nightlife for memorable evenings. Locations such as Downtown and the well-known Gemeyze street entice you in with their appealing music, and as you get closer, the club's lighting, sound system, and incredible dance performances just make it impossible for you to resist entering.

Here are 5 nightlife destinations in Beirut:

1- Skybar 
It is a must-see destination to locals and tourists alike. Skybar was ranked best bar in the world in 2009, hosting exceptional events and names in the industry reshaping Beirut's nightlife experience. 

2- Mar Mikhael Neighborhood
A street full of bars, lounges, and nightclubs, you will surely find your style, with each place offering a different nightlife experience. 

3- Music Hall 
The legendary Music Hall offers live entertainment and cultural showbiz. The old cinema reconverted into a cabaret theatre is one of Beirut\s trendiest nightlife spots. The venue's performing styles focus mainly on World music fusion but also include jazz, pop, ethnic, belcanto, stand-up comedy and other genres.

4- BO18 
This infamous underground bunker club is fitted with a retractable roof that opens up throughout the evening to give partygoers a glimpse of the starry night. 

5- Colonel Beer - Batroun 
A small bonus outside of Beirut, this one-of-a-kind brewery located on the Batroun's shore offers special evenings under the starry summer night like no other while enjoying locally-made beer.