Must Visit Cities

Must Visit Cities

Discover all the marvels Lebanon has to offer, outside Beirut.

Must Visit Cities

Discover all the marvels Lebanon has to offer, outside Beirut. Whether it’s sightseeing, attending one of the local festivals, partying in the most exciting nightclubs, watching the sunset from a rooftop, enjoying premium shopping or simply visiting one of the many historical sites, Lebanon has so much to offer! 

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1- Anfeh 
Cosy and quaint, Anfeh Port is filled with small fishing boats, revealing the main trade of the area. Small blue and white shacks lining the rocky beach conjure up images of Greece. Each family in the village owns a hut and a fishing abode. Maintaining the hospitable traditions of the past, the locals welcome visitors with an ‘Ahlan wah Sahlan!’ Around 69 km away from Beirut. 

2 - Byblos 
One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Byblos is the historical heart of Lebanon. Walking through this ancient port is like travelling through time. The Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders and Ottomans were all seduced by this charming town. And it’s easy to figure out why. Its lively souk, blue Mediterranean waters and traditional architecture make Byblos a true oasis of peace. Around 38 km away from Beirut.

3 - Jounieh 
Jounieh is a densely built-up area of high-rise buildings, hotels and large resort complexes. Its beautiful bay, excellent restaurants, nightspots and shopping attract visitors from all over. Around 20 km away from Beirut.

4 - Tripoli 
Tripoli is Lebanon’s second capital, situated in the north. A 14th-century Crusader fortress crowns the old Mameluke city. Its thriving souk is filled with oriental sounds and flavours. In the Khan al Saboun, artisans still master the art of producing perfumed soaps. With its large collection of traditional hammams and splendid mosques, Tripoli is an architectural delight. Modernist lovers can discover an entire complex built by Brasília architect Oscar Niemeyer. The neighbouring El Mina (the port) area offers over 100 coffee shops and seafood restaurants. From here, you can take a scenic boat trip to one of the many islands, now turned into nature reserves. Around 82 km away from Beirut.

5 - Sidon 
Sidon is the largest city in Southern Lebanon and a busy commercial centre with the pleasant, conservative atmosphere of a small town by the sea. People specifically go there to enjoy delicious seafood at very affordable prices. 
Around 44 km away from Beirut.