Beirut in 24 hours

Beirut in 24 hours

Visiting Beirut for a day? These are must-visit destinations not to be missed

Complete Guide for a Quick Visit to Beirut

Whether you are on a business trip to Beirut or passing through the city, we have gathered for you four must-visit destinations that merge culture, shopping, landmarks and nightlife!

1- Zaytouna Bay
Located on the beachfront of the capital, Zaytouna Bay offers an array of cultural, leisure and social activities. With 17 restaurants along the coast, you can enjoy traditional Lebanese cuisine or a variety of international cuisines all in one place!

2- Pigeons' Rock - Raouche
After a good meal, take a walk along the Corniche and discover Pigeons' Rock, a natural landmark that you can visit by sea. It is the perfect spot to capture stunning photos of the Mediterranean Sea.

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3- Beirut Souks
Located in the heart of the historical capital, Beirut Souks is an open-air shopping destination where you can enjoy a cultural and architectural promenade in the ancient street grid that has existed since pre-Roman times.

4- Mar Mikhael
This residential and commercial neighbourhood is filled with cafes, restaurants, art galleries, bakeries and shops. If you are looking for a street where you can shop, enjoy a meal, admire the country's architecture, and experience Beirut's nightlife, Mar Mikhael is the place to be!

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