Grand'Cour & Geissäheimet

Grand'Cour & Geissäheimet

Cattani Restaurant

Cattani Collection: Grand'Cour & Geissäheimet

🗓 2 March 2023 until 3 May 2023

At the upcoming Cattani Collection from 2 March to 3 May 2023, everything revolves around the Gitzi – colloquial for the goat. Toni Odermatt from his Geissäheimet Meierskählen supplies the products. Since 1990, he has devoted himself exclusively to goat farming here. 120 Toggenburg goats live on his farm, located just above Stans. They are all purebred and have a pedigree. They are also resilient and excel in the steep mountain terrain.

  • 5-course dinner menu: CHF 115
  • 6-course dinner menu: CHF 125


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