Good Friday - Gourmet Restaurant PUR recommendation

Good Friday - Gourmet Restaurant PUR recommendation

29 Mar 2024

If you're looking for a delicious and meaningful way to celebrate Good Friday, look no further. We proudly present the 5-course menu in the Gourmet Restaurant PUR, which promises excellent culinary creations and flavour experiences of the finest quality - perfect to round off a wonderful day.

Our recommendation for Good Friday at Gourmet Restaurant PUR

Caviar | Ponzu Miyoga-Saikyo-Miso

Curry | Plum | Shiitake

Fennel | Artichoke | Tomato

Stuffed peppers
Aubergine | Salt-lemon

Valrhona Caraibe chocolate    
Mango | Olive | Caramel

EUR 195


Reserve your table at Restaurant Johann Grill for your Good Friday dinner via [email protected] or +49 8652 9755 0.