Pearls & Bubbles Party

Pearls & Bubbles Party

21 Mar 2024

Pearls & Bubbles Party

18:30 | Ladies only

Enjoy an unforgettable ladies' night with your best friends - delicious food, exceptional drinks, and a great atmosphere at our Schwarzreiter Restaurant. The kitchen team has created a fresh, seasonal dinner menu for you. From caviar to pollock, tuna, and a sweet dessert  -  which will be served with selected wines. We look forward to welcoming you and to offer you a great evening.




Oysters & Caviar Tasting

Tartar | Grillerdeau Oyster | Ossetra caviar | beetroot | horseradish

Grilled | pea | morel pepper | watercress

Cacaofruit | mascarpone| lime


The Pearls & Bubbles Party dinner includes the four-course menu, an aperitif, accompanying drinks, and insights into the world of fine dining cuisine as well as a giveaway.

Price: EUR 210 per person
Start at 21 March 2024 - 18:30 hrs, Ladies Only ;)

For table reservations, please contact us at +49 89 2125 2125 or send an e-mail to [email protected]