Sushi and Oyster Bar

Sushi and Oyster Bar

The sushi and oyster bar offers handmade and creative sushi accompanied by oysters and bubbly Taittinger champagne.

Cosy sushi and oyster bar at Dresden Oldtown

The sushi and oyster bar which belongs to Kastenmeiers Restaurant is welcoming you at an elegant separee across the street from Dresden castle and close to the famous Semperoper. Here you will find an elegant dining and wellbeing spot. With the only sushi and oyster bar in Dresden, a real gourmet island opens up, not only for Japanese delicacy lovers.




Sushi bar

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Tue - Sat 17:00 - 23:00

Sushi meets Spa

Spend relaxing moments at Taschenbergpalais Spa with a culinary highlight: Along with a body massage, we will pamper you with a great gourmet sushi.

Sushi, Spa & Massage package

Sushi & Spa Gourmet package

Special treat by Taka and Mo

The team of Japanese sushi chef Takamitsu "Taka" Hanawa and bartender Mouiti "Mo" Manapori from Australia will welcome you. Whether rock oysters or flat oysters, from Brittany, Ireland or Sylt – at least three different varieties of noble seafood are always there. Sushi master "Taka" freshly prepares in front of you unusual sushi creations and classics such as maki, inside-outs and nigiri. In addition to culinary delights, "Mo" surprises with international cocktails and his own creations.