Art exhibition of the Walentowski Gallery

Art exhibition of the Walentowski Gallery

in our restaurant "Das Palais"

Axel Crieger

"Like moths to a flame" - this is how the German-American photographer Axel Crieger once described his models. Born in Munich in 1955, the artist uses special effects to stage international Hollywood stars such as Robert de Niro, Cary Grant, James Dean and Paul Newman in photo collages that impress with their stylistic confidence, aesthetics and outstanding photographic eye. The artist, photographer and designer met and photographed many of his idols in person. The results are unique Hollywood moments captured in top-class photographic art. 

His creations sometimes show Romy Schneider behind a rainy window pane or, sometimes Brigitte Bardot on a sailing boat - always in a context that is characteristic of the person being portrayed. Crieger captures both the positive and negative sides of fame, showing the light and shadows in the lives of the stars - perhaps the reason why so many Hollywood celebrities collect his photomontages.

Crieger, who lives and works in Los Angeles, studied visual communication. His archive now comprises more than 10,000 photos and is constantly growing. He has worked with major companies such as Time Warner, BMW and Levi's and has enjoyed success with exhibitions all over the world. Whether in St. Tropez, New York, Amsterdam or Istanbul, his works, often in black and white, impress purists, stylists and all other lovers of aesthetic photography. Crieger's works are available in small editions, have received numerous awards and are highly praised by critics.