Restaurant Terrace

Restaurant Terrace

Partake of culinary delights between the Residenzschloss and the Zwinger.

The Terrace in the heart of Dresden

Enjoy a cosy dinner with a view of the Residence Palace in the heart of Dresden. Impressive sights, such as the Semper Opera House, the Church of Our Lady and the Palace of Culture with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, are also within walking distance. 

During the day, the sun makes the terrace shine in warm light. Visit us for lunch and choose a sunny spot, or enjoy a shady spot under our large red sunshades on really hot days.  

The red sunshades add a certain charm to the cosy atmosphere. A cosy romantic flair is created by the evening play of lights around the terrace and on the terrace itself. The white tablecloths and the lanterns underscore this flair. The trees and small hedges border the terrace and add a Mediterranean touch. 

Different street artists randomly accompany your culinary experience with soothing classical music. 

Bask in a unique interplay of wide-ranging, uncomplicated cuisine and stylised furniture and decoration in the open air.  

Whether lunch or dinner, come by and experience the unique atmosphere of our beautiful terrace.