Thai Massages

Thai Massages

Experience an authentic combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching techniques to clear energy blockages and balance the body.

Traditional Thai Massage
60 minutes | BGN 190.00 per person
90 minutes | BGN 260.00 per person

Thai Royal Aroma 
60 minutes | BGN 210.00 per person
90 minutes | BGN 270.00 per person

Thai Hot Stone Massage
80 minutes | BGN 250.00 per person

Four Hands Thai Aroma Massage
60 minutes | BGN 350.00 per person

Anti-Stress Thai Massage
Focus on stress areas of the head, neck and shoulders.
45 minutes | BGN 155.00 per person

For more information and reservations, please call +359 749 88888 or contact us via email at [email protected]. Advanced booking is highly recommended to ensure preferred times are available, particularly if you choose to enjoy multiple treatments during your stay. We accept walk-in reservations based on availability.