Shopping in Budapest

Shopping in Budapest

It’s not just plentiful and fun, but also at your door.

Kempinski Corvinus is right where fashion sits

Flanked by Fashion Street in Deák street, Kempinski Corvinus is right where fashion sits, and if your interests take you to high fashion, food halls or arts and crafts markets, you couldn’t be in a better location. There are designer boutiques and their luxury to splash out on, a strong high-street fashion offering in a historical setting, renovated food halls with a premium gastronomic experience, and authentic artisan stalls, as well as internationally selling and below-the-radar Hungarian designers. If you have a passion for creative design and owning it, the Budapest shopping scene offers a diverse range of goodies to take away.

 Shopping is a lifestyle, as well as a fascinating way to explore the creative juices and DNA of a nation, from its antique and vintage to its contemporary and avantgarde. Our own summary of Budapest’s shopping-scape guides you through the signs of the various times. And if you are looking for something more specific, don’t hesitate to contact the concierge. 

Where to shop in Budapest?


Fashion Street  

Kempinski Corvinus’ backstreet, Deák utca, is known as Fashion Street. It is home to several high-end boutiques gracing this quaint stretch of beautiful historical buildings from the richest era of Budapest. The best in casual premium wear and accessories, Tommy Hilfiger, Cos, Massimo Dutti, Boss and Lacoste, among others, magnetise the avid shopper here, including Hungary’s Nanushka, whose comfy and cool cotton collections sell worldwide. 

  • Eat and Drink - Kempinski Corvinus’ ÉS Bisztró opens its summer seasonal ÉS Terrace, serving light bites and cool cocktails in its special outdoor menu. 

Vörösmarty Square 

A brief stroll off, find one of the most spectacular H&M locations in Váci utca 1, just off Vörösmarty Square, in the former Stock Exchange building, where some of the original fittings, including the stained-glass ceiling, are meticulously preserved. In December, Vörösmarty quare sets up its own Christmas Market stalls under fittingly glamorous festive lights.

  • Eat and Drink  - On top of the same building, sip the best of Hungarian wine in Szt. Andrea Wine & Skybar, and enjoy the Danube’s breeze as you recover from shopping and take in some truly spectacular views. 

Andrássy út 

Specifically built as a fancy thoroughfare, this boulevard remains the most glamorous of Budapest shopping locations and is home to the grandees of fashion, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Emporio Armani. This tree-lined mosey satisfies the most discerning of tastes. 

  • Eat and Drink - Művész Café remains Andrássy út’s signature traditional Budapest institution for its belle époque charm, cherished by locals as well as visitors. Named after the indigenous shepherd dog, Puli serves traditional Hungarian cuisine. 

Market Halls 

The Grand Market Hall The Grand Market Hall is a must-see, and despite its heavy tourist footfall, it is one of the most local markets in Budapest. Fresh produce apart, the national iconic spice, paprika, is widely available here, ground or threaded as a garland. There are stalls selling folksy ware, from napkins to wooden spoons, decorated in traditional floral folklore ornaments. 

  • Insider tip: the locals tend to shop on the left-hand side of the market (viewed from the entrance). 

Traditional Arts and Crafts Markets 

Budapest cherishes its arts and crafts talent, and gives them every opportunity to present their artisan goodies at various themed markets and festivals. Setting up traditional market stalls, these artists preserve old techniques in leather, wood, hay and cloth, and create beautiful artefacts to wear, use, gift or just enjoy. Look out for leather belts, key chains and pen holders, sheepskin vests and hats, and natural wooden toys, to name but a few. The most iconic and famed traditional markets are the Budapest Christmas markets, but there is the Festival of Arts and Crafts in the majestic Budavár Castle every August, where everyone who’s anyone in artisan circles will have a stall. For a list of upcoming events and festivals, please consult our Events page

  • Eat and Drink - There are several arts and crafts markets alongside foodie festivals, such as the Budapest Wine Festival in Budavár Castle in September, the National Gallop in Heroes’ Square and the Chimney Cake Festival in the Budapest Zoo in October. 


The antique trade has, through time immemorial, flourished in Falk Miksa street, a stone’s throw from Parliament. This cosy, tree-lined street, flanked by some of the finest homes in Budapest, has the highest concentration of antique shops in the city, and it’s well worth a mosey in and out of its diverse and tiny warehouse-sized shops. At the other extreme of the antique trade is Ecseri Piac, the oldest such bazaar in Budapest. All avid and discerning antique art and furniture aficionados and collectors frequent this treasure trove – open on Saturdays – and they go early to get the first crack of the whip! 

  • Eat and Drink - Catch the purveyors of power at Biarritz, a French-Hungarian bistro and an old-time favourite with locals. Budapest Bistro lays an authentic Hungarian table, while Da Mario takes you to Italy. 



Get your bespoke suit or chic accessories at London-born, Milan-trained and Budapest-resident Simon Skottowe’s cosy but all-the-more well-stocked atelier and shop. For footwear, Vass Shoes makes bespoke shoes in traditional styles for men and women. 

WAMP presents the most comprehensive overview of Hungarian designers, budding as well as established, at its monthly fairs showcasing all things beautiful and buyable. There is a strong tradition of haute couture in Budapest, and well-heeled Hungarians love having their wardrobe made for them. For personalised couture-quality design, seek out some of the most noted designers in their shops and ateliers: Emilia Anda for pared-down, smart minimalism; Katti Zoób for a love of femininity; Manier for vivacious extravagance; and Daalarna for gorgeous wedding gowns. 

Best City Secret - Vass Shoes 
The owner of Vass Shoes is Laszlo Vass, a native of Budapest who is well known around the world as the last "Budapester Shoeman". He is the leader of this classic shoe company and truly knows everything about shoe-making. He has received worldwide attention in magazines and on television for his classic yet contemporary hand-made shoes. He has also written a book about his work and traditional shoemaking. The Vass Shoes' store is open Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00. It's located at Haris köz 6, Budapest 1052 District V., a 6-minute walk from Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest. 

What to Buy/Best Memento - Pálinka 
Pálinka is a traditional type of brandy that is produced mainly in Hungary and Romania. In 2008, the European Union established exclusive trademark rights for the name. "Pálinka" refers to product made in Hungary and four states of Austria. Additionally, a trademark for several specific regional varieties was given to Hungarian brands Almapálinka, Barackpálinka, Szilvapálinka and Törkölypálinka. 

Nearby addresses to taste and buy: 

  • Abszolút Pálinka - Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52. 
  • Magyar Pálinka Háza - Address: 1085 Budapest, Rákóczi út 17. 
  • Rézangyal Bisztró - Address: 1075 Budapest, Madách tér 2. 
  • Pálinka Museum - Address: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 20. 



The delicacies of Hungary might not leap off the shelves of culinary speciality shops like Asian or Italian foodstuffs, but can we just say this: the snails and truffles – yes, truffles – you buy back home might very well come from this neck of the woods! More self-evident is Tokaj wine, the eponymous region’s trademark variety, which now comes as dry wine, not just a sweet dessert drink; and Zwack Unicum, our own herbal bitter, as well as Bikavér, or Bull’s Blood, a blend notoriously difficult to make but all the more rewarding in the hands of a new generation of creative vintners. Paprika is Hungary’s national treasure status spice – you can buy it as a garland of vibrant red, dry paprika to adorn your kitchen, and add pizazz to your meals by crushing and sprinkling it over your meal. There’s nothing like freshly snapped paprika’s red imbuing the rich yellow of chicken soup. You can also pick up sachets of ground paprika in sweet and hot varieties: the deeper the red, the sweeter, while the more orange paprika is hot because the seeds are ground together with the sun-dried skin.Paprika and Tokaj wine - Taste of HungaryTaste of Hungary Less well known is Hungarian foie gras, or libamáj, and the scrumptious cold cuts or salami, which remain a staple in Hungarian pantries. Try the numerous types of pickles, from sauerkraut to gherkins, as well as pickled plums stuffed with pickled garlic! And while we’re on the subject of heart- and soul-warming February treats, spare a thought for the intricate embroidery to enhance the visuals of serving food. From restrained all-white tablle cloths to a bacchanalia of colours, Hungarian floral folklore caters for a whole range of tastes. 



Kempinski Corvinus is not just in Fashion Street – it has its own styles! Fashions in luxurious fabrics and pricelessly precious accessories in gold and diamond, flavourful cigars, charming fresh flowers... Here you’ll find everything you need, whether it’s a treat, a surprise or a gift. For discerning tastes, The Lobby has Marquise Watches & Jewelry, ARIOSO Flower Shop and Cigar Tower. 

ARIOSO is one of Budapest’s most popular floral experts. Gorgeous and creative bouquets apart, you can also buy beautiful flower boxes, sweets, exclusive decoration and gift items. Stop by and take a look– it is absolutely worth it. 
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday: 11:00 - 19:00, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: closed 

Marquise Watches & Jewelry is the authorised retailer for Bulgari, Chopard, Greubel Forsey, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Messika, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, Romain Jerome, Ulysse Nardin and Vacheron Constantin. As well as the best timepieces, the shop also offers on-site expert advice and follow-up care services. 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 11:00-18:00, Sunday: closed 

Cigar Tower brings together aficionados, be it for cigars, piped tobacco or accessories, in a unique humidor room. Established in 1997, it was the first specialist store in Hungary, and has remained a market leader ever since. 
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7:00 - 22:00

In-Room Shopping offers soft bathrobes and "Luxury Budapest", the city’s definitive guide album, for sale.