Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Feel free to come forward with any special wish or requirement you might have. We will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Assistance Needed? No Problem! Consider it done - very well done.

Are you eager to discover and experience the essence of Budapest in the few hours you have? Or would you like to explore Budapest off the beaten path? Kempinski Corvinus’ concierges will open all the doors and guide you through the ins and outs of the city.

Charges may be applicable for assistance from Members of Le Clefs d'Or.

Transfer Arrangements
Ride around town in style and sit back and enjoy the view without worrying about traffic in your own chauffeur-driven car:

• Mercedes S-Class: 
Airport–Hotel transfer one way - up to 2 persons and luggage: HUF 53 300 (ca EUR 130) or both ways at the special rate of HUF 102 500 (app. EUR 250) for maximum 2 persons 
• Mercedes E-class:
Airport–Hotel one way at the rate of HUF 41 000 (app. EUR 100) or both ways at the special rate of HUF 77 900 (app. EUR 190) for maximum 2 persons 
• Mercedes V class minivan:
Airport–Hotel one way at the rate of HUF 57 400 (app. EUR 140) or both ways at the special rate of HUF 110 700 (app. EUR 270) for 3-6 persons.
• Mercedes Luxury Sprinter Jet minivan:
for one way at the rate of HUF 73  800 (app. EUR 180)  for 3-7 persons. 
• Mercedes Maybach:
for one way at the rate of HUF 102 500 (app. EUR 250) for a maximum of 2 persons

Please note that the offered special round trip price is only applicable in case we receive both ways transfer details at least 24 hours prior to your arrival.

In case we may arrange a transfer please advise the flight details including flight number and Budapest arrival time, and/or departure flight details, the preferred vehicle type and we'll get back to you with the confirmation.

• Private route(s) - please ask for personalised route and quote

Or, if you enjoy being behind the wheel, rent a luxury car and discover the many small streets of Budapest at your own pace. Car Rental Service is provided by Europcar.

Ticket Reservations 
Enjoy theatre, opera or museum shows without lining up for tickets.

Restaurant Reservations 
Get the best table for the best bites in Kempinski Corvinus' own or Budapest's best restaurants.

Explore the best of Budapest on our three-hour bus and boat tour or your own bespoke car tour or walking tour.

Babysitting Services 
Find time for yourself, find time to enjoy your partner’s and each other’s company, or work in peace. Leave your kids with experienced, multilingual and professional babysitters while you’re out. Available on request.

Assistance with Medical Services 
No need to let a cold ruin your stay, and there’s no point in leaving an allergy untreated. What needs medical attention, needs a doctor. Concierges will call or refer you to an off-site specialist. The hotel owns a defibrillator and the staff are trained to use it.

 Please ask our Clefs d'Or member concierge team on t +36 1 429 3391 or email [email protected]