Budapest for Kids

Budapest for Kids

Enjoy every moment of your family holiday.

Travelling with kids will not be daunting in Budapest.

Budapest is a family-friendly destination offering both outdoor and indoor entertainment for kids of any age. No matter what is the weather like, you will find something interesting for the whole family in every season.

Sports & Activities 
High and low, hike in the many hills of Buda or submerge to the depths of the caves in Szemlöhegy, Palvölgy or the Castle Caves. Water-sports lovers will find plenty to enjoy in heritage baths like the Oriental Gellert, Turkish Rudas, open-air Széchenyi or the brand-new Veli Bej. 

MiniPolisz Király u. 8-10.
Set up in a generous 1,000 sq m right in the heart of the city in Király utca, in the Central Passage building, MiniPolisz allows children and parents to have an interactive and creative time. Children have the opportunity here to try themselves out in adult situations, such as role-playing in supermarket, beauty or hospital settings. 

Városliget – Kós Károly sétány
City Park is a family haven, not just because it has a beautiful park and the romantic Vajdahunyad castle, straight out of an adventure fantasy, but because it has a boating lake that turns into an ice rink in winter, plus the Budapest Zoo and the Grand Circus! The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is especially curious as it is right in the middle of the city, within easy reach from your hotel. It has some 1,000 species and even more plants. The Circus has a long-standing tradition in Budapest, and it remains the only stone building housing a circus in Central Europe. If you like to frolic, the whole family will enjoy the waters at Széchenyi Baths, which has several outdoor and plenty of indoor pools. The outdoor pools are so warm that they stay open even in winter. Splash in the steam – such fun! 

Eleven Park   Hengermalom út 19-21.
The largest play park in Hungary occupies 7,000 sq m in total. Before you think it is only a family destination, we have to say that it is not only children that play here − they even organise play parties for adults, from time to time. 

Tropicarium   Nagytétényi út 37-43.
Tropicarium introduces the tropical flora and fauna with a unique technique. In the different rooms, you can observe the animals of different landscapes and climate zones up close. The whole Tropicarium is covered, so it is open for visitors in the summer and winter as well. In the big shark aquarium and scenic tunnel, you can see sharks and other colourful, tropical animals. 

The Ferris Wheel – Erzsébet tér 
Soar high over the city centre or just wonder at the spectacular illuminated backdrop to the nightlife scene in downtown Budapest. Offering rarely visible vistas from above, the new Budapest Eye takes city exploration to literally new heights - and at 65 m, you will definitely see the entire city in one go… turn, that is. The Ferris Wheel of Budapest spins in its super-central location in Erzsébet square, right outside Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest! Whatever time of day or night, it surely affords the most definitive panoramic and dynamic snapshot views in Budapest as the lights change the cityscape throughout the ride. The Ferris Wheel of Budapest features 42 safely contained and naturally ventilated gondolas that offer unobstructed views. One ride comprises three turns and lasts about eight to ten minutes. Even if you don’t embark on a spin, the Ferris wheel’s LED-light display provides a beautifully rotating backdrop to the scene downtown at night. 

Centre of Scientific Wonders – Bécsi út 38-44.
This two-floor attraction invites curious visitors with immersive 9D-cinema settings, mystical escape rooms, exciting experiments and great games with augmented features. It contains hundreds of attractions, including scientific exhibitions, optical illusions, themed escape rooms, multi-dimensional cinema halls and other intriguing and educational games. 

Children's Railway – Hűvösvölgy
Connecting some of the loveliest spots in the Buda Hills, the Children’s Railway is one of Budapest’s most unique attractions. In a rare revered hangover from Soviet times, it is staffed by schoolchildren who check tickets and act as guards – the driving, of course, is done by grown-ups. The line runs from Széchenyi Hill to Hűvösvölgy, crossing the Cogwheel Railway and serving Normafa and János Hill. 

The digitisation and social media trends of recent years have also resulted in new needs in the set-up of museums and exhibitions. The visitor is increasingly demanding not only to learn, but to feel self-forgetful, even a little louder than expected, in a museum, and to be able to record all of this experience through their social media profiles. 

Museum of Illusions – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 3. 
Ames Room, in which one of you looks like a dwarf in one corner and the other like a giant in another, continuing with the gigantic wall of the house lying on the floor, on which you can play as you hang out on the windowsill like Spiderman in action; all the way to the Swirling Tunnel, reached by simple light painting, reaching the centre you walk on, dizzy. Optical illusions, visual puzzles and scenery begging for a photo await you in this interactive museum. Amusing and awesome tricks will trick your confidence in your own senses, but will also amaze you by doing so. They will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science, so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand. 

Museum of Sweets & Selfies 
• ORIGIN: Paulay Ede utca 43. 
• BUBBLES: Rákóczi út 40. 
Themed booths, like pink flamingos, hanging bananas, a pool full of sprinkles, a bath full of golden coins, a Florida beach sunset, a retro hair salon... These museums are a selfie lover’s dream. Each section is colourful and decorative, giving visitors the opportunity to live out their selfie dreams. Various wallpapers, greenery, lights, swings, neon signs and props can help when taking selfies. Everything you need to do to look gorgeous in your photos. 

Budapest Retro Experience Center – Október 6. utca 4. 
The museum brings you back to the past with quizzes, videos and games. Entering the downtown unit, you find yourselves right in the seventies, in a contemporary bistro. A smiling waiter greets us among the red faux leather bar stools, balancing a frothy coffee, a retro hot sandwich on his tray. The jukebox plays the hits of the seventies and works with a strictly old 10 forint, and the buffet is decorated with neon signs and archive images, creating a retro atmosphere even before entering. 

Indoor MiniGolf Budapest – Király utca 8-10. 
INDOOR MiniGolf is a mini golf space, which includes three thematic courses and 18 tracks. Colourful shapes interweaving in dark rooms, three magical worlds, 18 holes, a phosphorescent ball and a golf club. Discover the dazzling UV-painted tracks created by artists. Shoot yourself into space, dread the horror room and get lost in a magical forest! 

Pinball Museum – Radnóti Miklós utca 18. 
Should you love the genre, you will feel right in Canaan in the Pinball Museum, playing on all these slot machines. At the same time, 163 machines are pouring out flickering lights and jingling signs, decorated with an undressing woman, Godzilla or the Simpson family. In addition to modern machines, you can not only see the wooden ancestor of the pinball machine from 1880 and the first Hungarian pinball machine, but you can also compare your strength on old arcade games, such as Mortal Combat or Street Fighter. 

For the opening times and tickets, please ask our concierge! They will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can. 

Hint: variety of amenities and services await families when travelling with kids at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest.