Room Four

Room Four

Take advantage of our hybrid Boardroom - dedicated to event organisers for a flawless event support and gathering, up to 6 persons.

Room Four

Hybrid Boardroom

Room Four is dedicated to event organisers for flawless event support, management and supervision. Ideal for up to six persons and specifically designed as a hybrid boardroom, it fulfils the requirements of informal meetings as well as formal gatherings, with 29 sq m of surface space.

Room Four is outfitted with bespoke furniture and decorative pieces, and it features an eye-catching round window overlooking the hotel’s hall. The intimate location and smart interior design facilitate creative thinking during discussions, while there is a chalkboard for brainstorming sessions. It is equipped with a 55-inch Android LCD TV set, which offers connection with the screen from any cordless device. Room Four has its own built-in coffee station.

Nestled in a small hallway off the main events floor, it is also convenient for event organisers to set up their operating room here to take advantage of the location’s peace and quiet. For this reason, Room Four is also an ideal interview room; the sofa provides a comfortable setting for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Complete with storage facilities, Room Four can also serve auxiliary functions, such as a dressing room or for depositing accessories for your event and gifts for your delegates.

Room Four is in close proximity to Room Five. Technical support is available throughout your event, and catering, from drinks and pastries to lunch and dinner, is provided by Kempinski Corvinus Hotel Budapest’s kitchen team.

For planning at a glance:
Daylight: Window to hall
Size: 28,6 sqm / 307,7 sqft
Ceiling Height: 2,5 m / 8,2 ft
Length * Width: 4,3 m / 14,1 ft * 5,8 m / 19,02 ft 
Largest capacity: 6 persons (boardroom)


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