Lenten menu at the Baltschug

Lenten menu at the Baltschug

Lenten menu

Enjoy a fasting menu until 16 April

Chef Andrey Kagokin's light and healthy recipes will appeal to fasting people, as well as to anyone who wants to recharge with spring energy and vitality.

For an appetiser, try the warm crispy eggplant salad with chard leaves, tomatoes and cilantro, the spicy baked beetroot carpaccio with lean aioli, edamame bean cream and pine nuts, the red bean pate on lean bread with citrus jelly and pomegranate, the ripe tomato caprese with vegetable mozzarella or the Greek salad with vegan feta cheese.

The chef's hearty soups will keep you warm on a cool spring day: Lenten rassolnik with mushrooms and barley, classic minestrone with pesto sauce or Asian coconut milk soup with zucchini, leek, pak choi, spinach, curry paste, lime leaf and lemongrass.

For the main course you can choose from Arabiata pasta, roasted cauliflower with mashed sweet potatoes and truffle paste, spring rolls with vegetables, young fried potatoes with mushrooms or a pot of buckwheat and royal champignons. And, for dessert, vegan brioche with walnut mousse and aloe vera sorbet or a fruit and berry salad.

We will also offer fasting people a drink alternative: non-alcoholic champagne, wine and/or beer.

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