Swiss Smile Dental Clinic

Swiss Smile Dental Clinic

Your partner for healthy, beautiful teeth. The innovative concept, latest facilities and equipment and most of all a team of highly qualified dentists assure you of high professionalism in all the main aspects of dentistry. 

Swiss Smile Dental Clinic

Your Partner for Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

We focus on the individual patient - the feeling of wellbeing is something very personal and individual. We always respond to the needs of our patients and recommend a treatment therapy which is specially tailor-made for you.

Swiss Smile core values: Trustworthy, safe and confidential. But also lively and cheerful. Swiss Smile stands for Swiss core values.

The Swiss Smile St. Moritz Dental Team

Dr. med. dent. Marcus Makowski:                                      
Dr Med Dent Marcus Makowski
Practice for Endodontology: Reconstructive and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Our dentist in St. Moritz is always there for you and will provide you with gentle, high-quality treatment in a pleasant atmosphere.

He specialises in endodontology and works with a magnifying glass and dental microscope to ensure optimum results. Dr Marcus Makowski is very in tune with nature and lives with his family in Silvaplana.

Dr. med. dent. Simone Jenne Windisch 
Dr Med Dent Simone Jenne Windisch
Oral Implantology; Reconstructive and Aesthetic Dentistry

Member of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) and a leader of the prophylaxis group. She is also our congenial specialist in implants, gum surgery and removal of difficult wisdom teeth.

As a result of her skills and many years of experience, she is able to achieve optimum results even with cases involving complicated treatments.

Swiss Smile Treatment Range

Aesthetic dental medicine: Invisible composite fillings and veneers
Bleaching: Gentle teeth whitening
Endodontology: Modern root canal treatment with dental microscope
Implantology: Artificial dental implants to replace missing teeth
Oral surgery: Gentle removal of wisdom teeth
Orthodontics: Elimination of malocclusions and  dentofacial deformities
Pediatric dentistry:  Pediatric treatment specific to age
Prophylaxis:  Professional teeth cleaning and “dental wellness”
Prosthetics: Restoration of chewing function and aesthetics
Restorative treatment: From mini-fillings to implants
Anxious patients: Individual treatment approach, slowly and step by step
Digital x-ray: Low-radiation small and large x-ray equipment
Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 18:00, in cases of emergency, up to 20:00

Swiss Smile St. Moritz


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