Family Adventures

Family Adventures

Engadin is a paradise for families, offering adventures that delight both young and old. Explore our educational trails, enjoy water fun, or relax in family-friendly accommodations.

Embark on an unforgettable family journey in the welcoming embrace of Engadin. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our region unveils a treasure trove of experiences that will delight children and afford parents valuable moments of relaxation. It is the perfect blend of adventure and culture, captivating every member of the family. Here, every outing becomes an exciting journey of discovery for the whole family.

Our array of child-friendly hikes, educational trails and family-oriented accommodations tailored for families epitomise our commitment to the well-being of all family members.


Family-Friendly Hikes

Our trails are designed to accommodate strollers, ensuring fun and exploration for all ages. Whether traversing the Morteratsch Glacier educational trail, where children learn about the world of glaciers in a playful way or enjoying a leisurely hike from Pontresina to Bever amidst breathtaking flora and fauna, countless opportunities await to revel in nature while learning something new.


For families, I highly recommend a day trip to the Morteratsch Glacier. It’s not only a fun educational experience where your kids can learn about glaciers, but also a beautiful place for unforgettable family photos.


Water Fun and Bathing Bliss

Summer in Engadin is a paradise for water aficionados with its myriad lakes. Whether sailing on Lake St. Moritz, indulging in a refreshing dip in Lej da Staz or whimsically exploring the shores, water activities promise enjoyment for the entire family. With convenient accessibility and amenities like barbecue areas and play zones, families can enjoy carefree days by the water.


Adventures for Rainy Days

Not every Engadin day dawns with sunshine. However, for those interludes, we offer a plethora of indoor activities that leave no room for boredom. From scaling heights at Serlas Parc to bowling on historic lanes, our indoor offerings are so diverse that there is something for every family member. These activities not only provide a refreshing change but also foster stronger family bonds.


The Secret to Happy Family Holidays

Variety is the secret ingredient for the perfect family holiday in Engadin. By offering a wide range of activities that engage both the physical and mental abilities of children, we create an environment where learning and fun go hand in hand. Our family-friendly routes and activities are designed to spark a sense of discovery while prioritising safety and comfort.

From mountain peaks to the crystalline lake waters, Engadin is a playground where cherished memories are forged to last a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our Alpine lakes. Whether it's a leisurely boat ride or a refreshing swim, each lake offers a peaceful escape into nature.