Sauna Landscape

Sauna Landscape

Relaxation & Rejuvenation at Alpine Spa

Embark on a journey through our Classic Sauna Landscape, where a variety of sauna experiences await, tailored to your needs. Our Finnish sauna boosts the immune system and enhances circulation, while the bio sauna invigorates the senses with its colourful lights and aromatic scents. The herbal sauna provides a tranquil effect through its therapeutic aromas, and the stone sauna invites you to unwind and release stress. Additionally, our exclusive Ladies Spa, complete with an aroma grotto and bio sauna, offers a private haven for pure relaxation. Reserve the Ladies Spa for special occasions and indulge in serenity to the fullest.

Step into a realm of relaxation and revitalisation. Our sauna landscape offers a variety of unique sauna experiences, from the invigorating Finnish sauna to the soothing steam bath. Ideal for both body and mind.

Bio Sauna

Herbal Sauna

Steam bath & Laconium

Stone Sauna

Finnish Sauna

Ladies Spa: Exclusive & Serene