Breakfast at Kempinski

Start your day the Kempinski way

Deliciously fresh

Join us for an eclectic and energising breakfast that brings together international favourites and authentic local flavours. 
Support your wellbeing with a nutrient-rich power shot, freshly squeezed juice or unique Bircher muesli blend. Indulge yourself with homemade pastries and chocolate spreads, or our richly decadent hot chocolate. Wherever you go, discover something new with local speciality ingredients, dishes and teas. No matter where you are with Kempinski, seven signature touches make breakfast special. 


7 signature touches

Rise and shine to the taste of a delicious breakfast, Kempinski style.

Local Speciality

Pass Around

Chocolate Spread

Power Shot

Hot Chocolate

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Bircher Muesli