Facts About Changsha City

Facts About Changsha City

The cradle of the ancient Chu Xiang civilisations, rooted in Central China, Changsha was the home town of many great figures in both the ancient and modern history of China, including Qu Yuan, Jia Yi, Zhu Xi, Zeng Guofan, Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi. Countless discoveries of historical and cultural values can be made in the city. For example, unearthed here was the world-famous Mawangdui Tomb of the Han Dynasty. Changsha is among the first group of Chinese cities which were selected as famous historical and cultural cities in the country and allowed to open up to the outside world. Thus, it has become an important city in Central China, enjoying the fastest economic growth and immense vitality.

Transport in Changsha

Changsha lies at the centre of Central China, and it is important for the traffic between the south and the north in China.

Trip to Changsha

With a long history, Changsha became the first historical and cultural Chinese city. Changsha has many attractions, most notably Yuelu Academy, Ma Wangdui, Kaifu Temple and Tianxin Pavilion.

Changsha is a place where Chairman Mao used to study and live. Also to be found here are the former residences of Liu Shaoqi, Hu Yaobang and Zhu Rongji. What's more, it's known as the cradle of the revolution; the great man's home town.

Foods of Changsha

Changsha is a city on the tip of the tongue, is thethe capital city and main sourcehub  of Hunan. Travel toWhile in Changsha, you will find eating is unavoidable. Hunan cuisine, one of the eight types of Chinese cuisine, exhibits irresistible charm, and is characterised by its fragrancet, spicyiness and acidity. is the main feature of Hunan. Braised pPork, fish heads, stinky tofu, spicy shrimp, and sugar oil Baba, etc. are are not to be missed Hunan and snacks that are not to be missed.

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