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What to eat in Budapest
What to eat in Budapest

Not only its architecture, culture and thermal baths are attracting visitors to Hungary, but the blooming gastro scene, too. Great food is everywhere you turn in Budapest, plus the year is full of food-related events, from delightful gastronomy festivals to smaller culinary occasions.

Hungarians are so proud of their food, so when in Hungary, the fastest way to get to their soul is certainly eating and drinking. Hungarian food is wide-ranging and diverse, and during its history the cuisines of many nations became intertwined in the country’s gastronomy.

The first thing that pops up in your mind in the context of Hungarian cooking is… its richness! The unabashed luxury of nutrients runs riot on the typical Magyar menu, from starters to desserts, so do not be faint-hearted and relish the ravenous nature of its inspirations

Everyone will know goulash (gulyás). Some define it as soup, others as stew. Beefed up with beef, its thick, paprika-soaked bright red broth just keeps winning generations over. Likewise, Hungarian fisherman’s soup (halászlé) is a peppered, or rather, paprika-ed affair – time-consuming and laborious to make but a joy to have in its several regional varieties. Then there’s pörkölt (stew, made from any kind of meat), chicken and veal stew (csirkepaprikás, borjúpaprikás) and foie gras, or goose liver. The myriad cold cuts and pickles.


Gras Foie

Foie Gras

Goulash Soup

Goulash Soup

Rigó Jancsi

Rigó Jancsi

To follow, dive into an endless array of desserts, cakes and tortes, Dobos, Esterházy and Rigó Jancsi being the creamiest of the cream. The Living Room at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is a good starting point to experiment.

Hungarian cuisine is, of course, far from a collection of stale staples. The culinary élan drives young chefs to reconceptualise and reinvent old favourites. Explore award-winning Tamás Széll’s Stand25 in a renovated heritage market hall downtown, in Hold utca. Nearer home, ÉS Bisztró has reworked Austro-Hungarian specialities for the contemporary discerning palate and serves lángos, szalontüdő, Tafelspitz.

What are they? Come and find out!

Be sure to head back to our Local Information page to discover more of what to see and do in Budapest. Of course, our Clefs d'Or Member concierges and our entire staff at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus will be more than happy to assist in any way they can during your stay too.

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