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Watsu Therapy at Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

Watsu Therapy at Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

Waterdance and Watsu at a heavenly hotel, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, Bodrum, starts again with Deniz Susever, by 1st of May 2015.

An expert in alternative therapies, Deniz will be introducing a range of new and de-stressing healing treatments to the spa at this wellbeing hotel on the coast of Turkey.

Deniz Susever is a master in these unusual treatments which will be offered at Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay. She began her journey of alternative therapies and healing energies in 1997 and after being introduced to yoga, she decided to go to Rishikesh, India to become a Yoga Instructor, later returning there to study Integrative Massage. Deniz has excellent charisma in Watsu, Tantsu and Water dance (WATA) Therapy and for the last six years she has been a Vipassana Meditator.

Deniz Susever’s skills are extensive and she will be imparting her knowledge during the 45 – 80 minute individual sessions in the light and spacious spa of Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, one of the only hotels in the country with a watsu therapy pool. The treatments will include:

• Watsu – a form of body massage performed whilst floating in warm water combining water and shiatsu. Watsu can reduce pain, stress and fatigue and will induce the release of emotional issues and deep-seated traumas.

• Adapted Watsu – is Watsu designed for a specific personal issue using Shiatsu pressure points and many other techniques. Adapted Watsu is used to modify the body, decrease pain and improve the body’s ability to move.

• Aquareflexo – a new method of aquatic bodywork which stimulates the reflex points of all the organs through Acupressure on the feet. Pressure points are less sensitive in water making work on the body deeper than on land. Aquareflexo improves blood supply and unblocks nerve impulses, therefore balancing the energetic system and promoting calmness.

• Waterdance (Wata) – similar to Watsu but starting on the surface and then gently moving into the water. The session incorporates many different elements including massage and dance. The effects are physical release, such as joint mobilisation, and it can also encourage deep states of relaxation.

• Tantsu – Watsu but on the land. Tantsu uses stretching and concentrates on breathing and stillness. The effects are the same at Watsu and also include a rebalancing of the Chakras.

• Meditation – holding the body and mind in passive state that provides calmness and razor sharp thoughts. Meditation increases inner peace by focusing the mind and strengthening physical calmness.

• Klang Massage – Nepal’s traditional sound massage that is applied with special bowls produced from an alloy of sixteen different materials. Self-generation and self-treatment power of the body with sound vibrations is explored during a Klang Massage.

• Emotional Freedom Techniques (ETF) – ETF combines Acupressure and Affirmation Techniques which work by neutralising disruptions in the body’s electrical system, stopping the chemical chain reaction and freeing the receiver from emotional and physical discomforts. New or old emotional upsets, life-long phobias, compulsive behaviours and unhealthy patterns can often be released in less than an hour using ETF.

With 24 suites and 149 rooms at the hotel, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is the height of luxury, and an ideal choice for those looking for sunshine, beautiful scenery and full body restoration.






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