Limousine and bus transfers

Limousine and bus transfers

Deliver you safely to your destination

Whether you require transport to or from the airport, need to make a business appointment in time or simply need chauffeuring to an evening out in bustling Beijing, or to some attractions around our hotel such as Mutianyu Great Wall and Qinglong Gorge. Travel in style with our luxurious limousine and bus transfer services. 

A wide range of luxury limousine services are available upon request including Audi. 

Limousine Transportation Tariff:

  • Airport transfer(PEK) one way: 

       Buick GL8: RMB777             Audi A8: RMB888         Bus 19 seats: RMB1,500

  • Airport transfer(PKX) one way:

       Buick GL8: RMB1,600         Audi A8: RMB2,000       Bus 19 seats: RMB2,500

City Center pick up & drop off:

  • City centre pick-up/drop-off one way:

        Buick GL8: RMB999           Audi A8: RMB1,188       Bus 19 seats: RMB1,900

Car Rental Pricing:

  • Car rental 8 hours (within 100km, CNY10 per kilometre after 100km)

        Buick GL8: RMB2,000       Audi A8: RMB2,500       Bus 19 seats: RMB3,500

  • Overtime or waiting surcharge per hour

        Buick GL8: RMB300          Audi A8: RMB400          Bus 19 seats: RMB500

Note: All prices are in RMB

For details and prices, please call +86 10 69618888 - 82555 for consultation.