Wuxing Inspired Therapies

Wuxing Inspired Therapies

Have a unique journey to relaxation that will leave you with a perfectly harmonized ying and yang.

Signature Journeys

  • Hot Stone Energy Massage

A specialty massage where our therapist uses a combination of smooth heated and cold stones either as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on your body whilst they massage you. This is followed by a shiatsu facial to stimulate your energy points . The radiant warmth of the heated stones will soothe muscle tension and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Treatment duration: 120min

  • Himalayan therapy

Using Himalayan rehabilitation philosophies and techniques, you will be transported to a mysterious land of ancient myth and wonder, allowing you to feel one with nature and achieving harmony for both the body and soul.

Treatment duration: 90 min

Balancing The Body

  • Five Elements Body Scrub

A specially designed cream made up of five different ingredients, is the cornerstone of this amazingly fresh body scrub. It gently removes your dull, dead skin through exfoliation, revealing the smooth, vibrant skin beneath.

Treatment duration: 45min

  • Five Elements Body Wrap

Based on the Chinese concept of the five elements , a special solution will be placed on your skin before being wrapped, allowing your body to slowly rejuvenate leaving you with radiant looking skin.

Treatment duration: 45 min

Five Elements Seasonal Treatments

  • Spring

Foot Ritual (10min) + Five Elements Body Scrub (30min) + Hot Stone Energy Massage (110min)

  • Summer

Foot Ritual (10min) + Five Elements Body Wrap (30min) + Hot Stone Energy Massage (110min)

  • Autumn

Foot Ritual (10min) + Five Elements Body Wrap (30min)+ Hot Stone Energy Massage (110)

  • Winter

Foot Ritual (10min) + Five Elements Body Scrub (30min) + Five Elements Body Wrap (30min) + Hot Stone Energy Massage (110min)

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