'Spiritual' Treatments

'Spiritual' Treatments

We take you far beyond one-of-a-kind luxury to an exclusive, transformative experience.

The Power of Serenity 
Combining ancient oil-free healing methods, the therapist uses the energy-transference method through rocking, heat, guided imagery, reiki and body movement to create an overall feeling of balance and serenity. 

675 ILS / 70 min. 

Nature’s elements are the inspiration for these four massage techniques: 
Earth – an enriching foot massage that provides a renewed feeling of connection with the earth. 
Fire – a hot-stone treatment to restore your natural energy. 
Air – a holistic treatment to renew your aura and mental clarity. 
Water – a shower-jet massage designed to relax the entire body for a sense of serenity. 

695 ILS / 70 min. 

Seven chakras 
An empowering energetic treatment that combines aspects of traditional Chinese medicine with advanced western methods, massaging the body’s energy centres (chakras) to create renewed balance. The experience also includes a foot and back massage, chakra crystal therapy, a scalp massage and a holistic experience. 

685 ILS / 70 min. 

The prices are in ILS including VAT. There is additional charge on Friday and Saturday of 50 ILS on all treatments.