Prepare your Stay

Prepare your Stay

From check-in times to information on currency and time zones, we have the answers to all your travel questions.

Everything you need to know

Check-in/Check-out Time: Check-in 15:00 - Check-out 12:00

Currency: IDR - Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia

Time Zone: GMT +8 hour(s)

Bali has a tropical climate with humid temperature, where the rainy season falls from November to March while the dry season from April to October. During the wet season, the temperature is generally comfortable and humid, where in the morning and evening it tends to rain a couple of hours. During the dry season, it is occasionally warm and bright which is sunny most of the day. In Bali, where the hotel is located, it is always hot and mostly sunny. The temperature commonly varies from 57°F to 81°F, so we suggest all visitors pack accordingly.

Bali has the largest Hindu population in Indonesia, where the Balinese culture and religion have strong beliefs about nature. Daily offerings are called "Canang Sari," a small palm-leaf basket filled with symbolic items such as fruits, flowers, and nuts. It can be easily found everywhere in Bali as it represents gratitude to the gods.There are numerous sacred temples across Bali, which are believed to protect a place and its people.Therefore, visitors should follow the custom before making any entrance in order to show respect towards the locals' beliefs.

General Etiquette 
There is no specific dress code to be used in Bali. In the island, beachwear and casual attire is acceptable therefore visitors are suggested to dress appropriately according to the place visited. For specific resort attire, please find the guidance here.

Food and Beverages
An array of Indonesian cuisine is available in Bali, which is rich in spices. Precaution needs to be taken before ordering unfamiliar dishes in order to prevent any harm to your body. In touristy spots, alcohol is a common drink to be served.

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