Awakening the Chakra Spirit

Awakening the Chakra Spirit

Journey into peaceful state.

Beach, Beach, On-Site

Led by a Pemangku or Balinese Priest, Melukat is a purification ritual where water becomes the main medium to cleanse the physical, emotional and spiritual state of a person. This ritual is the essential part of "Awakening the Chakra Spirit" activity, which aims to heal the blocked energies and realign your seven major chakras. As a final step, coconut is served to freshen up the body and purge toxins from inside.

Experience Includes:

  • 60-min sound meditation
  • 60-min water purification
  • 60-minute massage
  • Transportation to Geger Temple

IDR 3,099,000++ per couple

For reservation, please contact us at [email protected]