JinJi Lake Scenic Area

The jinji Lake scenic spot covers an area of 10 square kilometers, with 7.4 square meters' water surface. The area boasts of 8 scenes. The blue sky, green rippling waters, and forest and lawns by the lake are gaining reputation as new, modern tourist attraction besides the classical gardens in Suzhou.
JinJi Lake Scenic Area

Jinji Lake, the largest inland city lake in China, was named so because legend has that a golden rooster (Jinji) once fell into a boat on the lake. As the core area in SIP, Jinji Lake Scenic Area occupies 10 sq km (3.7 sq mi). Jinji Lake Scenic Area is laid out according to the city's business travel functions, so that SIP itself is a scenic area and business is done in a tour. Nearly RMB 8,953 million is invested in the five functional spots here, including the Cultural Convention and Exhibition Spot, the Fashion & Shopping Spot, the Leisure & Diverse Spot, the Urban Sight-seeing Spot and the Central Waterscape Spot. With the international lakeside design and romantic landscape, Jinji Lake Scenic Area attracts a multitude of leisure visitors. People can take a special tour bus around the lake to enjoy the complete picture of the lake. Jinji Lake Scenic Spot has become a popular gathering place for leisure visitors and it deserves the title of Suzhou’s “New Heaven on Earth” in the 21st century.

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