Hanshan Temple

Hanshan Temple

The temple was once one of the 10 most famous temples in China. Zhang Ji, a famous Tang-dynasty poet, wrote the poem "A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge," which, consequently, made the temple even more popular nationwide.

The Hanshan Temple is located in Fengqiao town outside the Suzhou city. The Hanshan Temple was constructed in the Jiannian Reign of the Liang Dynasty (502-519) with a history of over 1400 years. The legend says in the Zhenguan Reign of the Tang Dynasty, the famous monks Hanshan and Shide came here from the Tiantai Mountain to conduct prayer services.

Shrouded in the forests and built with glazed tiles and yellow walls Hanshan Temple was crisscross with winding paths and overgrown with verdant pines and cypresses. Its main buildings include Daxiongbaodian (The Precious Hall of Sakyamuni), the wing halls, the hall of scriptures, verandas with tablets, the bell tower and the tower of Fengjian. Enshrined in the right wing hall are two obese figures, the statues of Hanshan and Shide, dishevelled and stripped to the waist, seated on an enormous lotus flower-shaped basin, one holding a vase and the other a lotus flower.

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