News from Bangkok

News from Bangkok

24 Aug 2023

Moment Of Hope Charity High Tea

Sririta Jensen Narongdej organized UNHCR Moment of Hope Charity High Tea to raise funds for war-displaced mothers and children across the globe.

On top of her roles as a leading actress and prominent business figure in the entertainment industry, Sririta Jensen Narongdej is also widely recognized as a compassionate philanthropist. As part of yet another effort to extend aid to mothers and women worldwide, she spearheaded a fundraising event — Moment of Hope Charity High Tea — for the UNHCR, focusing particularly on war refugees. The function was warmly attended by celebrities and A-listers, such as H.E. Paolo Dionisi (The Italian Ambassador to Thailand), Suquan Bulakul, M.R. Mannarumas Yukol Svasti-xuto, Taya Teepsuwan, Panchalee Penchart, and many other distinguished guests, at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.

Sririta Jensen Narongdej shared about this philanthropic effort, “I wish to be a voice in the pursuit of raising funds for less privileged individuals, especially women and children. The opportunity arose when I was given the chance to become a member of the prestigious Leading Women Fund, UNHCR’s network of female entrepreneurs committed to supporting single mothers around the world displaced because of war. Proceeds from this campaign will be allocated towards these refugees. Currently, the number has amounted to 110 million individuals worldwide, which is an increase of approximately 19 million people since the end of the year 2021 — the highest that UNHCR has ever documented. We are genuinely pleased that this activity has captured the interests of our very altruistic friends, all of whom have warmly contributed to this charitable occasion. It brings us joy to share that all proceeds from this project will be donated without any deduction. On this special occasion, I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the venue and Verdant Afternoon Tea kindly sponsored by Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.”

 “Throughout August, for those who wish to participate in such charitable initiatives, I will continue to organize many more activities with UNHCR Thailand in support of displaced mothers and children during wartime. Furthermore, you can also directly donate to these unfortunate refugees through UNHCR’s Bangkok Bank account under the name UNHCR Special Account (account number 201-0-555-999) and notify your donation at UNHCR’s LINE Official Account: @unhcrfamily. Let’s make this Mother’s Day month even more special together,” she adds.

What is UNHCR? It is an agency by the United Nations that has been established for more than 70 years. Currently, it provides aiding to war-displaced individuals in 130 countries across the globe. Additionally, it has been honored twice with the Nobel Peace Prize for its human rights initiatives, which have brought positive contributions to humanity.