News from Bangkok

News from Bangkok

12 Dec 2022

BE Health Launch Event at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok, 12 December 2022 – Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and Siam Kempinski Bangkok joined hands with the Autistic Thai Foundation to launch BE Health, a project to support, promote and develop the quality of life and health of autistic children. Presiding over the event at the Lobby of Sindhorn Kempinski Bangkok were Mr. Richard Schestak, Managing Director of Siam Kempinski (far right) and Khun Chusak Chantayanon, President of the Autistic Thai Foundation (3rd from right). Distinguished guests joining in were Mr Chalaluck Bunnag, Managing Director of Siam Sindhorn (centre), Chonpreya Pacharaswate, Deputy Managing Director for Hotel Business Group of Siam Sindhorn (3rd from left) and Mr Thaddaeus Weiss, Hotel Manager of Sindhorn Kempinski (2nd from left).

BE Health is a corporate social responsibility initiative of Kempinski Hotels to develop and support the lives and health of the community through its Glocal campaign (Thinking Globally While Acting Locally).

In Thailand, Sindhorn Kempinski Bangkok and Siam Kempinski Bangkok are collaborating with the Autistic Thai Foundation which was established to provide prevention and care for children, youth and people with autism and special needs and the underprivileged. The foundation is in need of medical, basic equipment and financial assistance to improve and enhance the lives of these children as well as their families. With this collaboration, Sindhorn Kempinski and Siam Kempinski will organise activities in order to raise funds for the foundation.

During the launch guests enjoyed a solo piano performance by Jet Visetnut, or Nong Kong, who is an autistic pianist with special skills in music and art. Nong Kong gave a performance as well with the Trio Band of the Royal Thai Army school band. Special needs students also displayed their artistic talent by showing off their painting and drawing skills. In addition, there was a corner for products under the Art Story by Autistic Thai brand, produced from the imagination and inspiration of the children and people of the Autistic Thai Foundation, with proceeds from the sales going to their funding.