Thermal Journeys

Thermal Journeys

Experience wellness benefits of contrast bathing, and achieve your desired outcome.

Our hydrothermal experiences blend holistic traditions and modern techniques. By channelling the healing and stimulating properties of hot and cold as well as wet and dry mediums, you can feel the benefits at any degree. 

For a complete revitalisation, we offer contrast therapy. Transition from hot to cold therapies to stimulate mind and body, promoting every system, from lymphatic to circulatory. Feel your mood elevate as your vitality improves, immunity is boosted and aches and tension melt away.

  • 25-metre infinity pool overlooking Lumphini Park: Relax or exercise at your own pace with fabulous views from our ninth-floor swimming pool. 
  • Bio Sauna: Detox, relax and heal as gentle heat and moisturising humidity relieve pain, eliminate toxins and enhance immunity. 
  • Aroma Steam Room: Treat yourself from the outside-in as aromatic, hydrating warmth promotes a glowing complexion and improves circulation. 
  • Salt Sauna: Nourish your body with our Finnish dry salt sauna. Healing Himalayan salts and circulating minerals help clear breathing and revive skin. 
  • Tepidarium Loungers: Relax on heated loungers as you transition through thermal treatments, cooling down post-sauna or warming up after a cold plunge. 
  • Experience Showers: Choose your ideal temperature as massaging jets create a blissful shower cascading down and around you. 
  • Cold Bucket Showers: After a sauna or steam session, feel instant exhilaration as cold water restores, tones and strengthens your body. 
  • Cold Room: Chill out (literally) in a near-freezing state for a heady rush of endorphins, increased oxygen levels and reduced inflammation.

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