Museums in Bangkok

Museums in Bangkok

Alluring Bangkok - a city full of magnificent culture, heritage and tradition. Explore its new and old attractions with the addition of genuine Thai hospitality.

Museums in Bangkok

Jim Thompson House
East meets West in Bangkok

Travel back to the post-war life of the legendary Jim Thompson, a former operative and forerunner of the CIA with the USA's Office of Strategic Studies. He mysteriously disappearance in the Cameron Highlands in 1967. The house, comprising six antique teak homes shipped from sites in Bangkok and Ayutthaya, is full of priceless works of art. You can join one of the daily tours in various languages. The Jim Thompson brand is synonymous with quality Thai silk products. The site also contains a Thai restaurant and shop. Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.


Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre
Gallery for art lovers

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is a hub for the city’s busy art scene. Impressive displays of contemporary art, music, design, film, and theatre captivate local and international visitors. Each gallery optimises natural and controlled lighting within dramatic high ceilings to present notable works of art. The centre is also home to cafés, restaurants, an art library and souvenir shops. The BACC is only a short walk from Kempinski. Entrance is free, and the BACC is open daily except for Mondays from 10 am to 9 pm.


Museum Siam
Thailand's history on display

Located close to Wat Pho, Museum Siam provides a linear story about the history of Thailand through the lives of its people. The museum employs creative communications tools, including videos and interactive exercises, to inform visitors about the nation's history and development throughout the ages. The contents are displayed in 14 rooms in the form of essays. Learning activities for younger visitors make this a fascinating outing for all the family. The museum occupies a historic building on Sanam Chai Road.