Festivals in Bangkok

Festivals in Bangkok

Alluring Bangkok - a city full of magnificent culture, heritage and tradition. Explore its new and old attractions with the addition of genuine Thai hospitality.

Festivals in Bangkok

Thai New Year in April 

Songkran is by far Thailand’s most famous festival. Locals and tourists flock to Bangkok to celebrate the Thai New Year. The water festival is symbolic and celebrated by pouring water onto each other and the streets to wash off all misfortunes from the past year and to welcome the new year. 

Songkran celebrations last three days. Thai people will typically spend this time cleaning their homes for the new year's arrival. In the run-up to the celebrations, Thai people may also pour water over their elder's hands to pay their respects. There are plenty of neighbourhoods to celebrate Songkran, including nearby Silom Road or the popular Khao San Road, which is 30 minutes away.


Loy Krathong
Festival of Lights in November

One of the most beautiful festivals, Loy Krathong, is held throughout Thailand. The festival takes place on the night of the full moon of the 12th lunar month. The dates vary each year. 

Loy means ‘to float’. The Krathong is a lotus-shaped floating basket traditionally made from banana leaves. People celebrate by gathering around lakes, rivers and canals to respect the Buddhist Goddess of Water. They release the loy Krathong decorated with candles, flowers and incense onto the water. The Thais thank the goddess for her year’s steady water supply and ask for her forgiveness for water pollution.

Thai people make a wish when they release the Krathong. It’s believed that if the candle remains alight, their wish will come true and a year of good luck will follow. The Krathong symbolically floats away anger, sin or misfortune. 
Two destinations perfect for floating your Krathong are  Asiatique and ICONSIAM, next to the Chao Phraya river.