Pastry and Bakery

Pastry and Bakery

Bakery Delights

A Selection of Home-Made Treats to Satisfy Every Palate.

Dive into a realm of culinary wonder at Cafè Lazare restaurant in Seychelles, where our bakery section offers more than just sweet dreams. Savour the allure of our extensive bread array, where artisanal loaves rise like towers of flavour, from rustic sourdough kissed by ancient grains to baguettes with a crispy symphony. Complement your cravings for enchanting pastries with these bread creations, crafted with the same magic that makes our bakery truly extraordinary. Do not miss our enthusiastic baker with the special pass-around pastry of the day, which is a delight to our guests every morning. Cafè Lazare: where bread, pastries, and imagination unite in a spellbinding journey of taste.

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