Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Your Four Legs Companions

Our Pet Policy

We extend a cordial welcome to the distinguished surroundings of San Clemente Palace. In the realm of pet-friendly accommodations, we are delighted to offer a space where your cherished companions are considered esteemed guests as well.

For our valued guests who wish to share their sojourn with their feline and canine companions, we have established a policy that welcomes cats and dogs up to eight kilograms (8 Kg). To ensure a serene atmosphere for all, we kindly request the presence of one (1) pet per room.

In accordance with our commitment to maintaining an environment of comfort and harmony, we kindly request that pets be kept on a leash or equivalent constraint in public areas. This practice ensures that the beauty and tranquility of our shared spaces are enjoyed by all.

As you plan your exploration of our luxurious enclave, kindly note that access to certain areas such as the swimming pool and restaurants is restricted to pets. However, we invite you and your companions to revel in the vast expanse of our landscape.

While we recognize the profound bond between our guests and their pets, we must emphasize that the responsibility for the well-being and behavior of pets rests with their owners. Our dedicated team is at your disposal to offer guidance on nearby parks and recreational areas suitable for your pets.

In the spirit of providing impeccable accommodations, we extend the option of daily cleaning and disinfection of your room. To ensure an environment of utmost comfort, we have instituted a nominal fee of Euro 80.00 per day for this service.

We trust that this policy fosters an environment of mutual respect and comfort among all guests. San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice is honored to be part of your journey, and we look forward to welcoming you and your treasured companions with the renowned warmth and sophistication that defines our establishment.

Yours in hospitality,

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice Management