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Discover more about traditions and artisan craftsmanship in Murano and Burano Islands.

Explore Nearby

Burano Island

Iconic laces for your office and house from Venice.

With 3,000 inhabitants, this idyllic island is not only adorned with bright and cheery fishermen's houses - making it extremely popular with artists - it is one of the most important centers of the northern lagoon.

Burano is famous for the high-quality lace that has been made on the island for centuries. There is a lace-making museum open to visitors detailing the history of the craft on the island, as well as changing temporary exhibitions. Burano's leaning bell tower is also a famous sight here.

Fishing is another key activity on Burano and the area has many authentic local restaurants offering a rich selection of fish and seafood dishes.

Murano Island

The Centre of Glass Blowing

The first documents mentioning fiolario date back to the 10th century, proving that Venice is the origin of European glass production. Today the island is the perfect place to find out more about the outstanding history of a thousand years of glass manufacturing – and a piece of Murano glass will make you remember your time in Venice even back home.

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