Chefs have achieved remarkable success with two gold medals

Chefs have achieved remarkable success with two gold medals

11 Feb 2024

Kempinski Culinary Stars Align in Alexandria for Egypt Culinary Cup 2024

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski chefs have achieved remarkable success with two gold medals and one silver medal in a prestigious culinary competition. Our leading luxury hotel, renowned for its exceptional culinary offerings, is proud to announce the outstanding achievement of its culinary team in the first edition of BOCUSE D’OR EGYPT 2024.

The chefs showcased their exceptional skills and creativity, securing two impressive gold medals and
coveted trophies in the fiercely competitive culinary contest. Additionally, the team’s remarkable
performance earned them the esteemed title of Best Commis Chef during the competition. This
exceptional win qualifies them to represent Egypt in the forthcoming BOCUSE D’OR AFRIQUE 2024,
which will be held in the beautiful city of Marrakesh, Morocco.

The participating chef from Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Sedhom Hamed, has demonstrated
unrivalled expertise and exceptional culinary artistry, earning him the prestigious title of International Certified Judge. Alongside this success, Chef Sedhom Hamed proudly holds the roles of President of the Egypt Pastry Team and Trainer of BOCUSE D’OR EGYPT. His exceptional guidance and leadership have undoubtedly played a significant role in achieving these remarkable triumphs.
The Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski culinary team comprises highly skilled individuals who continuously strive for excellence. Among the standout performers are Mohamed Mamdouh and Mostafa Samir, who both secured well-deserved gold medals and competition trophies in this prestigious culinary competition. Their extraordinary talent and dedication have made them valuable assets to the hotel’s culinary excellence. The accolades continue as Sayed Oraby, one of the talented members of the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s culinary team, clinched a highly commendable silver medal. Sayed Oraby’s stellar performance is a testament to his remarkable skills and commitment to the art of patisserie. Mr. Philippe H. Charraudeau, the general manager of Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, expressed his utmost pride and joy over the exceptional accomplishments of the hotel’s culinary team. He said, ‘The remarkable success achieved by our chefs in this prestigious culinary competition truly exemplifies their unwavering dedication, passion and unrivalled talent. We are confident that their exceptional skills will continue to elevate the culinary experience for our esteemed guests’. With this significant triumph, the culinary team is set to represent the Africa region in the highly anticipated BOCUSE D’OR Grand Final in Lyon, France, scheduled for 2025.

This grand finale will witness a gathering of culinary geniuses from around the world, and Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski chefs are poised to make their mark on this esteemed global stage.
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