Private Residences

Private Residences

The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Cosmopolitan living in the heart of Bangkok

Lumphini Park is a haven in the heart of downtown Bangkok where locals and visitors come to escape the bustling city. For owners of The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, the park is an extension of their home.

The 231 well-appointed residences range from one to four bedrooms of 50-500 sq m, with high ceilings, marble floors, modern appliances and stylish fittings from leading luxury brands.

As well as a private Residence Lounge and Lobby, you’ll also have access to a swimming pool, fitness room and the landscaped gardens, retail outlets and restaurants of Sindhorn Village.

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The perfect fusion of wellbeing, timeless home comforts and elegant service, a Kempinski residence in Bangkok is an ideal haven in the busy city.

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KRBKK4_APL_LIVING ROOM_High Res_10036.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_M BEDROOM_High Res_10039.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_4DR LIVING ROOM 01_High Res_10034.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_1AR LIVING ROOM 01_High Res_10044.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_4CR LIVING ROOM 02_High Res_10032.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_4DR BEDROOM 02_High Res_10033.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_M BATHROOM_High Res_10038.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_LOBBY_High Res_10037.jpg
KRBKK4_Exterior 01_High Res_10042.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_2B LIVING ROOM 01_High Res_10030.jpg
KRBKK4_APL_4AR LIVING ROOM 01_High Res_10031.jpg
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